Privacy Policy

Sanwa Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) recognizes the company’s social responsibility, as an enterprise, for the appropriate handling of our customers’ personal information (names, addresses mailing addresses) or any information that can be used to identify an individual (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”). The following privacy policies are currently implemented.

Established: 1 April 2000
Last revision: 3 September 2013

1. Compliance with Legislation and Standards
All personal information is handled in compliance with government legislation and standards concerning the protection of personal information and those established by the company.
2. Acquisition of Personal Information
Personal information obtained by the company through the inquiry department in charge will be collected and utilized within the scope necessary to meet customer requests.
3. Personal Information Management
To ensure that the safety and integrity of our customers’ personal information is maintained, preventive measures have been put in place to prevent unlawful access to, loss of, destruction, falsification and leaking of personal information.
4. Restrictions on Third parties
Except for such purposes where the present Law specifies otherwise, no personal information will be furnished to any third parties without the consent of the customer.
5. Third Party Oversight
All personal information consigned to third parties shall be released in line with a confidentiality agreement between the company and the third party, ensuring the safe management and appropriate oversight of personal information.
6. Collaborative Use
Personal information may be utilized by the company group when internal collaboration is required.
7. Personal Information Disclosure Requests etc.
Concerning requests for the disclosure, correction, erasure and cessation of the utilization of personal information, except for such purposes where the present Law specifies otherwise, please contact the inquiry department in charge. All reasonable requests will be dealt with promptly. For further information, please refer to “About Personal Information Disclosure Requests and Procedures.”
8. Management System
In order to strengthen the personal information protection system throughout the company, an “Information Security Committee” has been formed along with the creation of management positions tasked with the oversight of each department dealing with personal information. The company also takes it upon itself to educate its employees on matters concerning the protection of client information.
9. Continual Improvement
The development of information technology and changes in societal demands require that we reevaluate our approach to personal information protection management systems and the handling of this information. We continue to strive to improve our procedures and systems inline with these developments.

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