A pen tip manufacturing company!!

Our company was the first in Japan to design and produce an automated marker pen and pen NIBS milling machine, at the same time establishing the technical methods for marker pen/NIBS (milling) production. We are also currently involved in pen tip manufacturing and sales. Our proven track record and experience places us ahead of all our market competitors.

Furthermore, our company is small, with about 10 employees. Because of our size, we can easily manufacture automated machinery, not to mention marker pens, in line with our customers’ needs.

President’s Greeting

Just as the rest of the world has felt the rapid acceleration of global economic change, our company has also felt the shift through our work. As the management environment continues to change, our company continues to seek out means of bettering the stability of the management process. In turn, we strive to preserve the solid nature and soundness of our operation, seeking out growth, and continuing to challenge ourselves to expand further.

Our goal is to be the only Japanese company of its type to compete in the global market. Since our establishment, we have set our sights on the foreign customer as the core driver behind our business’s development.

We hope to be able to put to practical use our company’s technology and know-how on a global scale, for all to use.

Kouji Inada